About Us

One of your greatest challenges is to get your name in front of additional prospective clients. But you must accomplish this efficiently and economically. What if you had a team of individuals, better yet business professionals, handing out your business cards and brochures and touting the benefits of your goods and services?

Our Members

Our members live and work here in the Hudson Valley, just like you. They pay taxes here, their children attend school here, and of course, they do business here. We try to promote the idea of doing business with other local businesses. Please patronize our members and help us to keep it local!

Join Us

We invite you to submit an application and be invited to a breakfast meeting. The Hudson Valley Business Alliance is always looking for hard-working, honest, and community minded business owners interested in making our organization stronger and our Hudson Valley a better place to work and to live.

What We’re All About

The Hudson Valley Business Alliance is a strong network of locally owned businesses who meet weekly to: share leads to promote each of our businesses; exchange experiences and strategies to help our businesses succeed; develop personal connections among a diverse group to better understand our customers and community; and seek out growth opportunities for each other. Together, we offer an umatched collection of skills to consumers in the Hudson Valley. Unlike business leads franchise groups, we are a unique, self-maintaining group, and we look forward to our weekly gatherings for fellowship, humor, warmth, and encouragement as we each make our way in the business world.