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A little about The Hudson Valley Business Alliance

About The Hudson Valley Business Alliance

Every day one of your greatest challenges is to get your name in front of additional prospective clients. But you also must accomplish this efficiently and economically. After all, you have a business to run. What if you had a team of individuals, better yet business professionals, handing out your business cards and brochures and touting the benefits of your goods and services?

It’s not too good to be true, rather it’s an idea that’s time has come. Right here, right now. The Hudson Valley Business Alliance is a group of local business owners designed to produce new leads, better understand the community, and create a better business environment for all. The beauty is in our simplicity; when members benefit the group benefits, and when the group benefits our individual members benefit.

We meet each Friday morning at Deisings Restaurant in Uptown Kingston from 7:20 to 8:30 sharp. That’s more frequently than most business leads groups, but we’ve never striven to be like most business leads groups. We spend about an hour together and make the most of this time

  • We mingle, appreciating that we can’t possibly know a company without knowing the individuals who run that company.
  • We enjoy breakfast together
  • Each member has an opportunity to present a 1 minute “commercial” to the group
  • The week’s featured speaker presents in detail
  • We exchange business leads
  • We exchange promotional materials
  • We share stories, success or otherwise
  • We share experience
  • We discuss the community and the business climate

We invite you to submit an application and be invited to a breakfast meeting. The Hudson Valley Business Alliance is always looking for hard-working, honest, and community minded business owners interested in making our organization stronger and our Hudson Valley a better place to work and to live.

Businesses, like individuals, are judged by the company they keep. They are held accountable for the referrals they suggest. This is just the first of many advantages of dealing with members of the Hudson Valley Business Alliance.

Understanding that any chain is only as strong as its weakest link, we are all interested in the integrity of each and every company associated with our organization.

There is never a referral fee or commission paid by the Hudson Valley Business Alliance. All referrals are made on the basis of our confidence in fellow members. We stand by each referral making your life just a little easier.

And speaking of easy, what could be better than our online membership directory? Simply select the category in which you’re interested and we’ll let you know instantly if one of our screened members can assist you with your needs. Our collection of skills, products, and services grows by the week, so make sure you check back with us on a regular basis.

Our members live and work in the Hudson Valley, just like you. They pay taxes here, their children attend school here. They don’t simply care about the business community and business environment. They care about the community and the environment, and so much more.

  • Locally owned businesses
  • Member screening and housekeeping from within
  • Convenient and concise online directory
  • Diverse and talented collection of people and skills
  • An organization that strives to understand you and your needs
  • Business owners that care about our community
  • A referral network based strictly on reputation and competency

If you’re dealing with an outstanding business in Ulster County or Dutchess County who is not currently a member, we invite you to do the entire community a favor by letting them know about the Hudson Valley Business Alliance.

In the interest of maintaining the lowest possible operating expenses, the Hudson Valley Business Alliance does not have an office or physical location. Our organization is run by its member businesses and, more specifically, by a Board of Directors comprised of elected members.